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Dear Street Postcard Artists

Dear Street Postcard Artists ^^

One of your photograph can make change. English Crazy Club invite you to donate your decent photos (about people, life, nature and culture from part of your world) - the theme is 'Inspiring Space'. Those photos will be made as postcards (Heartmade Postcard) and fundraising for the English Crazy Club as funding to organise English camp for students in rural area in Ubon nearby the Mekong river.

Your postcards will be displayed for fundraising at the Candle Festival in Ubon during 23 July 2013. If you want to donate your photo(s), please kindly send to Send in original size, retouched photo is acceptable----add your credit on each of your photo, too.

Deadline for photo submission: 16 July 2013

Thank you in advance for your contribution ^^

Peace is Here

Peace is near

Peace is here
Peace is in your heart
If you only feel it from the within...

Interview with U-30

 U-30 ประสบการณ์อันน่าตื่นต้นครั้งแรกในชีวิตกับรายการทอล์กโชว์เป็นภาษาอังกฤษ เป็นอีกแรงที่ตอกย้ำความเชื่อมั่น ความฝัน ความหวัง ของเราในพลังคนรุ่นใหม่ ทำให้เชื่อมั่นเหลือเกินว่าสิ่งที่พวกเราทำอยู่ ณ ตอนนี้ จะสร้างกรเปลี่ยนแปลงที่ยิ่งใหญ่ในอีก 20 ปีข้างหน้า

Dream the Possible Dreams

Like blowing in the wind
My spirit ran wild endlessly
I was an ordinary girl
I was young and free...
I dreamed the possible dreams
I dared and I did it!

Photo by Tangmo Tasawang (Ban Sasom, Ubon 2007)


Food on the Roof: อาหารหน้าฝนบนดาดฟ้าใจกลางเมืองหลวง

สวนผักนามาอยู่กรุง - ปลูกตามเหตุและปัจจัย โตตามธรรมชาติ กินได้หลายหลาก กินตามฤดูกาล แมงลัก กะเพรา มะกรูด ชะอม ลูกหม่อน ทับทิม ฟักทอง ถั่วต่างๆ ผักโขมม่วง อัญชัน มะรุม มะระ ผักกาดเขียว พริก ต้นแค กระชาย ขมิ้น ข้าวโพด เผือก เป็นต้น จ้า ว่างๆ ก็มาเยี่ยมชมสวนได้นะคะ

The English Crazy Club: 10th Year Anniversary

It has been 10 successful years of inspiration, dream, courage and ambition for young generation in university before stepping out and sees what is in the real world. Over 100 English camps have been organized around Isaan and other parts of Thailand. Regardless of the distance whether it was by the border river, by the seaside or even up to the mo
untain hill, we continue to motivate children to learn English and open their perspectives to the cultural differences from different part of the world. 

There were over 50 teachers form primary school, highschool, non-formal school and university with more than 50 educational institutes participating. With 100 international volunteers from all over the world, they brought out changes in community where beautiful relationship was created across nationality. This has become a bigger and stronger network bringing young people with the same passion together for making positive change in their communities.

Through the past 10 years, we learned to give, share and exchange knowledge and skills to each other endlessly. Of course none of this would have been possible without helping hands and committed hearts from everyone.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for this on-going support and dedication to making this 10th anniversary a truly worthy and meaningful occasion.

Now, our seeds that we sew grew up and beautifully flowering in our garden of love and sharing, they are blooming everywhere. We do hope it (our ECC) will continue to bloom and inspire forever.

Translated by Amme Bantawan

The Journey of AYM Magazine

Fear to Face

to face
to embrace
to feel
to move on...

Inspired from Yangon to Mandalay trip (6-12 May 2013)

It is 30 now! I love you all :)

21 June 2013: Thank you everyone for my 30th birthdays' wishes - my lovely families, wonderful colleagues and beautiful friends from Mekong, Southeast Asia and beyond. I'm very thankful for your good energy of love, caring thought and moral support that you have given to me time by time. Thank you HOPE and DREAM, my good friends that always inspires and keeps my passion alive. When I recall my old days , I still can't believe a small girl born and raised in a countryside would come this far. Without all of you, I have not come to where I am now. I LOVE YOU all.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

มุขขำๆ กับผักอินทรีย์ในพม่า

ผักสดจากตลาดเมืองย่างกุ้ง แต่ไม่แน่ใจว่าเป็นผักปลอดสารหรือเปล่า พี่ซายเพื่อนพม่าจากรัฐฉานบอกว่า "ผักที่นี่ส่วนมากเป็นผักอินทรีย์เพราะว่าชาวสวนยังไม่มีต้นทุนพอที่จะซื้อปุ๋ยเคมี" พลางบอกเป็นมุขขำๆ
Fresh vegetables from a market in Yangon, Myanmar/Burma  

Damien Rice's Philosophy in Life and Change

"When you feel like you know something, that's when I think you begin to stop learning because things starts shutting off and the learning goes down. The moment you say "I know something!" 
I think is the moment where you miss the point." - Damien Rice

Monday, September 03, 2012

สวนแห่งชีวิต - The Gardener (by Grain)

“จงใส่ใจกับชีวิต กับสิ่งที่อยู่รอบๆ ตัวหนู กับสิ่งที่หนูกำลังรู้สึก...แล้วหนูจะได้พบว่าหนูมีความสุขอยู่แล้ว ในชั่วขณะนั้น ความสุขเป็นส่วนหนึ่งของหนู เพราะความสุขเป็นเหมือนทุ่งหญ้าเขียวขจี ที่ชีวิตเริงระบำแห่งชีวิตและความตาย แห่งความรักและความโดดเดี่ยว” - The Gardener (Grian)

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Flowers to Seeds

ใช้เวลากว่า 3 เดือน กว่าจะได้ชื่นชมเจ้าดอกทานตะวันบ้านบนสวนดาดฟ้า ที่นี้ก็ถึงเวลาที่จะแบ่งปันเมล็ดพันธุ์เพื่อไปเติมโตและแบ่งปันที่อื่น ใครสนใจรับเมล็ดพันธุ์ติดต่อที่เน็ตติ้งได้เลยนะคะ
It took about 3 months to grow the sunflowers to bloom in my toproof garden. Now it is a time to give away the healthy seeds to travel, grow and bloom in a new wonderful place! Anyone want some seeds? Do let me know :)

สับ! สับ! สับปลาร้า

ขั้นตอนแรกของการทำแจ่งบองปลาร้าคือการเตรียมปลาร้า เนื้อแน่น กลิ่นหอม รสชาติดี เพื่อสับ สับ สับ!!!

The first step of making 'jaew bong' or Isaan fermented fish chili paste is to prepare good quality of fermented fish with dense meat, good smell and good taste - getting ready for chopping!! 

Shambhala: หนทางอันศักดิ์สิทธิ์ของนักรบ

'...เมื่อเรากล่าวถึงคำว่าดวงอาทิตย์ ในที่นี้เราหมายถึงดวงอาทิตย์แห่งความภาคภูมิสง่างามของมนุษย์ ดวงอาทิตย์แห่งพลังของมนุษย์ ดังนั้นมันจึงหมายถึงรุ่งอรุณหรือการตื่นขึ้นแห่งคุณค่าศักดิ์ศรีของมนุษย์ คือการอุบัติขึ้นของความเป็นนักรบแห่งมนุษย์ การประสานกายและจิตย่อมนำไปสู่รุ่งอรุณของอาทิตย์อุทัยอันยิ่งใหญ่'
- Shambhala: หนทางอันศักดิ์สิทธิ์ของนักรบ

เขียว! เหลือง! ม่วง!

Freshly picked from the garden this morning for my lunch with my colleagues 

กระเจี๊ยบเขียว สด กรอบ

กระเจีื้ยบเขียวออกฝักแล้ว กะว่าจะกินกับน้ำพรึกจากย่างกุ้งซะหน่อย แต่เสียดายที่กระปุกน้ำพรึกหล่นหายตอนช่วงโหลดกระเป๋า เพราะซิปกระเป๋าแตกอดเลย!!!

Packed a small potion of Burmese 'nahm pik' in my backpack, hoping to eat with orkra from my garden. Unfortunately, my bag was broken when loading, my nahm pik was lost! Poor me again! 

Let the Flowers Bloom Everywhere

For friends in Myanmar/Burma

Let the flowers bloom in your heart, you are my courage

Let the flowers bloom in your community, you are my hope
Let the flowers bloom in your country, you are my dream
Let the flowers bloom everywhere, you are my love and peace

17 Aug 2012
Yangon, Myanmar

A letter from Saigon packed with the Old Dreams

A letter from Saigon Vietnam this morning has inspired me to make a positive change in myself - the passion that hidden in me. I have to dare to make a new direction with the old dreams! Thanks the SEA Life Matters Course 2012.

จดหมายจากไซ่ง่อนเช้านี้จุดประกายให้ฉัน 'กล้าฝัน' อีกครั้ง กล้าที่จะทำให้ความฝันนั้น 'เป็นจริง' ขึ้นมา...และแล้วการเดินทางของฉันก็ได้เริ่มขึ้นอีกครั้ง!

Seeds Need To Fly

I'm an old tree.

I flowered. 
I fruited. 
My seeds will fly
To find a new fertile land
To grow like my soul...

4 Aug 2012
Bangkok, Thailand


มีคนบอกว่าถั่วเรามันบ้าใบ นั่งดูใบดูไปดูมา ก็ชวนน้องริทที 
Chheang Rithy อาสาสมัครชาวกัมพูชา มาตัดใบทิ้งซะเผื่อจะเจ้าถั่วจะออกดอกออกผลกะเขาบ้าง 
In this rainy season, my beans are too leafy. I asked my Khmer friend Rithy from 
Mekong Peace Journey to help cut off the leaves. Hope they will produce more flowers and beans!!!

The Seeds of Mekong Peace

3 อาทิตย์หลังจากการเดินทางไปยังดินแดนสามเหลี่ยมทองคำ เชียงของ เชียงตุง และบ่อแก้ว ร่วมกับน้องๆ เยาวชน 25 คน ผ่านโครงการ Mekong Peace Journey จากประเทศลุ่มน้ำโขง มีหลายเรื่องราวแห่งแรงบันดาลใจ ความฝัน ความหวัง ในระหว่างการเดินทางที่อยากบอกเล่า แต่เช้านี้สิ่งที่เน้ตติ้งตื่นเต้นมากก็คือการที่ได้ชมสวนผักหลังจากทิ้งเขาไว้ ให้ฝนฟ้าดูแลเขา เป็น 3 อาทิตย์เต็มๆ ความเขียวขจีของใบผัก ผลของมะอึกและดอกชมจันทร์ได้เงยงอกออกมาให้ชื่นชม ได้ใช้หัวใจโอบกอดต้นไม้ทุกต้น ทุกใบ และทุกดอกผล เน้ตติ้งยิ้มได้หลังจากที่เหนื่อยล้ามากมายจากการเดินทาง ความสุขอีกอย่างของเช้านี้คือมีน้องๆ จากลาวและเวียดนามมาเยี่ยมชมสวนด้วย...วันนี้เมล็ดพันธ์สันติภาพได้ออกเดินทางกลับบ้านพร้อมด้วยหัวใจสีเขียว:)

31 July 2012

การเดินทางที่พกพา 'หัวใจ' ดวงน้อยอัน 'พองโต'

สำหรับฉันการเดินทางที่แท้จริง คือการเดินทางที่พกพา 'หัวใจ' ดวงน้อยอันพองโต พร้อมที่จะเรียนรู้ เปิดรับกับสิ่งใหม่ๆ ผู้คนกับวัฒนธรรมอันหลากหลาย ยอมรับและปรับตัวเองให้เข้ากับการเปลี่ยนแปลงที่จะเกิดขึ้นระหว่างทาง ฉันได้เรียนรู้และเติบโตตลอดเส้นทาง นั่นคือการเดินทางเพื่อการเปลี่ยนแปลงที่แท้จริงของฉัน

Thanks Tawan Pongphat for this wonderful shot by CANON D60.

Taken at Thakileck, Mae Sai (Thai-Burma Border)

29 - You are the People of My Life!

 It is all about '29' years of my life that I've come so far. Thanks for all of your 330 good wishes on my birthdays. In this life, I've been very fortunate to have met many inspiring people. I am very thankful to the wonderful families back in Ubon, sisters, brothers and volunteers from the English Crazy Club, lovely collages at TVS, activist friends in Mekong + ASEAN region ( APYC (Asia Pacific Youth Conference), Mekong Peace Journey, Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program and ASEAN Youth Movement), friends from Sseayp Int'l and SEA Life Matters Course, media friends at Mekong ICT Camp and SEA Youth Say So and friends and moral supporters from Vermont, green-heart friends from Cityfarm and all lovable friends from around the world - you are the People in My Life! I’m fully filled with your Love Energy, Courage, Compassion, Dream, Hope, Inspiration and Affection in the less traveled road I feel stronger. You have paved the direction in my life, keep my heart warmer and keep my soul alive…My sunflower from my rooftop garden represents my love to you all:)

21 June 2012


“I’m very delighted with this small garden that I started. Without expectations, it has been meaningful to my friends and people around me. I am proud to be a part of building a tiny eco-system in this concrete jungle of Bangkok. It is where our aspiration to learn to be able to grow our own food begins. There is no need to wait until we are getting older, we are confident that we can just start gardening right away here in the big smoke city. Thanks the Cityfarm project for keep our dream alive!”

 – Jaruwan Supolrai, 28, ASEAN Youth Movement, Thai Volunteer Service

A Journey to Freedom

For myself and everyone I know

I’ve come to find the meaning of my life through a journey to freedom
I’m climbing up from mountain to mountain Like a bird,
I’m flying high over blue skies 
Like a fish I’m swimming across the ocean from coast to coast

On the journey, I’m not the only one I met friends who share my joys and sadness
I see hundreds different life 
I see sorrows and pains
I feel courage and bravery
I feel hopes and dreams around me

This is the road to my freedom 
Thousand smiles and warm hearts from friends
In this lonely path You keep my soul secured and my heart warm

A free being, I’m ready to move on…

2 May 2012

SEA Life Matters Course
Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia

Life & Life Energy

In a rainy season, we are surrounded by green and serene atmosphere and raindrop is everywhere. Smelling the soil, earthworm enjoying the ground, birds are singing, yellow and purple flowers are blooming. Our garden is more 'lovable' to all of us - my traveler friends, visitors and guests! We sow the seeds of friendship, love, compassion among ourselves and as well as to our Mother Earth.

20 June 2012, Bangkok Thailand

เมื่อสินติภาพออกเดิน...(I'm a traveling seeds!)

ธรรมชาติ ต้นไม้ใบหญ้าสองฝากฝั่ง กำลังโอบกอดเรา

สันติภาพ อิสรภาพ และพวกเรา...กำลังออกเดินทา

We are in a small boat traveling into the big Mekong River
We pass by the tiny islands and rapids
Rains are falling...raindrop is everywhere
Mountains are embraced by the clouds
Nature, trees, leaves, grass, flowers on the river bank
Of Thailand and Laos embraces us
Our journey and freedom are starting…

Netting Mekong Nomad

Chiang Kong, Thailand
17 July 2012

Friday, January 21, 2011

ASEAN Youth is New York City

NEW YORK CITY-15 Aug 2010- It is my dream to travel the world! Last month I found myself in a beautiful state of Vermont, known as a state of green mountains, farms and maple syrup, United State of America. I’m not dreaming. This is true! It is greatest gift of the year I’ve been given after working hard for 2 years traveling around Mekong + ASEAN countries. This opportunity came across; because of a good friend + meaningful work connection from Sweet Mango Tours and Gross National Happiness American Project and it was kindly sponsored by Oscars Farm Vermont. My journey was accompanied a friend from the English Crazy Club.

On the way back from Vermont, we dropped in New York City for few days before heading home to Thailand. In the arm of the Big Apple, we got a chance to meet with Bennett Haynes, a friend who worked for ASEAN Youth Movement Media Team when he was in Thailand last year. Now he is based in New York City, working for a CSA (Community Sharing Agriculture) farm, called Hearty Roots. Everyday, he gets his hands dirty, working hard on farm, waking up early to get ready for delivering healthy vegetables for communities around New York City. Recently Bennett is in Bangkok for his TEDx talk on ‘Cultivating Alternatives’, the event starts tomorrow, be sure to check it out!

I’m ASEAN youth. It is America. Now I see the world!

Follow the ventures of my dream in America

Behind the Posters for Peace

Words by Jaruwan Supolrai
Photos by Max Ediger

Have you any dream you’ve been pursuing? Young people across Southeast Asia dream of a hundred different things. Some may dream of getting good careers. Some of you dream of having a big house and a luxurious car. And others may dream of being a full-time world traveler. But interestingly, this group of young activists are dreaming about peace, justice and rights for their respective regions.

AYM had a chance to interview six young peacemakers who recently returned home after taking part in three-month internship program with School of Peace in Bangalore, southeastern India. They painted and colored their confrontations and conflicts into posters for peace. Here are the good stories of the hopes and dreams behind their meaningful works of art!

Stop Violence Against Women!
A young female artist behind this poster is Haryanti ‘Rica’ Sulistyorini, 25 years old, originally from East Java, Indonesia. Her work background is women’s issues. She now works on the legal reform staff of the APIK Federation (Asosiasi Perempuan Indonesia Untuk Keadilan) in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta to promote legal reform in her country with regard to women’s rights.

The inspiration behind Rica’s art piece comes from the many cases of violence against women in Indonesia that she encounters in her work. “I see that it is very sad and painful if women have to become victims especially physical abuse and I can feel very hurt for those women.” said Rica. She hopes her poster will help raise awareness about violence against women and believes that it is the responsibility of everyone in the world to stop violence against women and to respect women’s rights.

“You can feel like women is mother of the world, you must respect because without women, we all also cannot struggle for our rights and cannot change the world.” Her hope and dream for the region is that all people can live with no rape, no trafficking of women or children, no abuse and no war. “If we live together with peace, I think we can live until one thousand years.” she ended with a big smile.

Violent Colors

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Journey of Young Peacemakers

Volunteer work benefits not only these school communities,
but also the volunteers themselves

Written by Jaruwan Supolrai, Special to Service for Peace Thailand

In the middle of the day, sweating under the hot, scorching sun, a volunteer group of thirteen young Korean students from Seoul National University in Korea, had carried sand bags, bricks and buckets of mixed cement, and are now painting the beam to complete a school library for under-privileged students in a rural village of Ban Nong Yao School in Bueng Kan District, Nong Khai Province, Northeastern Thailand.

Not only have they have learned to give through an educational service project by providing a room to read, but the young volunteers themselves have learned to appreciate the values of the happiness of giving and volunteering through the ‘Dream Catcher Library Project’.

This school library project is a part of Global Peacemaker Camp, which is an initiative of Service for Peace Thailand. The peacemaker Camp lasted for two weeks. The group had already finished one library for a school village in the Mae Chaem district in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand before traveling down to the Northeast to build this one in Nong Khai.

This young volunteer group is a member of ‘Global Inter-Culturing & Volunteering Club (GIV)’ from Seoul National University. The club does many activities concerned with volunteer work and cultural exchange programs.

“It was my first time to go abroad for volunteering. I feel the sharing communion between Thai people and GIV club members, especially when children ran to me and kissed me while I was walking in the village. I feel that I’m in heaven,” said 20 year-old Lee Yu Bin, a Agriculture Economics & Rural Development major from Gwang-Ju.

Volunteers and students enjoy helping each other to build the school library by making a level floor and painting the beams. Apart from this, they also enjoy playing with each other while working hard under the hot sun. They can relax, having fun and making friends at the same time. And at the end of the day, the homestay program is ready for them.

To have cross-cultural understanding, it is very important for young peacemakers to live and learn together with people of different background and cultures. The idea is to let them learn from each other, respect others and build relationship among themselves through different organized activities.

“I feel that I have made a difference in the community. I think we all realize that although Koreans and Thais live in different lands and use different languages, our thoughts and our minds are not different. We are (now) tied (to one another) with strong affection,” sincerely revealed Lee Yu Bin.

Before this camp, Lee Yu Bin thought Thais and Koreans would have only little things in common and there would be many differences between them. “But when I saw Thai students like Super-Junior and Big-Bang [popular Korean boy bands] and we danced with some grandmothers delightfully who came to our farewell party; when they tied strings on my hands and prayed sincerely for my health and happiness, I now feel that we are one and we're tied with even stronger affection,” recalled Lee Yu Bin.

Another GIV Club member expressed her feelings that “I didn't expect the people here would welcome such foreigners that much. Maybe that's because I've been living in the big city since I was born, people around me don't usually open their mind to strangers. But villagers here made me realize that they receive people and things sincerely,” said 19-year-old Lee Yoon-ju, a linguistics major from Suwon.

At the end of the program, school teachers, villagers and students arranged a farewell party. There was a Thai blessing ceremony, a beautiful local performance, and the volunteers were invited to joyfully dance in the Isaan [Northeast] style with villagers.

Volunteers are expected to feel their personal change and growth through this program by giving change to others like building a community library and participating in a cultural exchange program with villagers and children.

“It was a true life-changing experience for me. It was a priceless lesson to communicate not just with Thai people but with people all over the world. This opportunity has broadened my perspective in many ways,” added a 21-year-old Kim Seong Hye, a Civil and Environmental Engineering student. “I could grow up mentally and feel the pleasant atmosphere of volunteer work. I became more open-hearted to other cultures and new people. I felt happy and special sweating under the scorching sun!”

“Through this program, I think I became a person who has passion. In the past, when encountering difficulties I tried to escape from the situation,” said, 19-year-old Cho Yeon Hee. “Now I enjoy challenge! I think I got courage from this program. Before I was a very shy girl, but when I talked to Thailand's kind people, I became a little more of an active person!”

O Min Seok, 23 year-old-nuclear engineering major who grew up in Seoul said that “I didn’t know the joy of volunteering before. But when I saw children laughing, and every volunteer enjoying working and playing with the children, it also made me happy. Now I have recognized that volunteering is one way to be happy.”

Many people may think that building peace is a big deal and beyond the ability of just oneself, but in fact everybody can build peace all the time. Peace building can be accomplished by working in different kinds of service work and social activities.

Each single volunteer from the project is in a position of ‘peacemaker’, willing to do social service with volunteer spirit and always ready to give and share with under-privileged people.

“We believe that bringing ‘peace’ is a way to help reduce daily social problems and make worse circumstances better. That is why we aim to encourage our volunteers to be involved in service work,” cheerfully explained Hathailak Atcharakham, 25 year-old, project coordinator from Service for Peace Thailand. “We deeply hope that ‘volunteer spirit’ will be sustainably cultivated in their minds and will continue to grow more and more,” ensured Hathailak.

After the program, a young peacemaker is supposed to feel the state of being a leader within himself or herself, and appreciate the value of being a volunteer by helping others. In addition, a young peacemaker should be aware that he or she is not just a citizen that belongs to an individual country, but is a world citizen, who is able to share the same mission with people across the globe to make peace for this world.

Start a change, become a Peacemaker!
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Learn, Lead and Share to Make a Difference

Words and Photo by Netting

“I only understand that working on community development is all about giving betterments to the villages by building road, schools, toilets and providing other needed services, but after attending this program I’ve realised the real meaning of community development, that we have to study and understand the situation of the village first and then help improving the quality of lives of villagers to sustainability”, said Ouch Thol, 33-year-old, one of participants from Cambodian Volunteers for Society (CVS).

This one-week programme of ‘Lesson Learnt Sharing Workshop, Training and Field Study Trip’, organised by Cambodian Volunteers for Society (CVS) in collaboration with Thai Volunteer Service (TVS), Oxfam Australia and Youth Resource Development Project (YRDP), brought together 50 Cambodian young hearted-volunteers to share and learn their experiences on community development through volunteerism in order to strengthen up their skills on working social development.

CVS and YRDP have been playing an important role in supporting, training and providing volunteer opportunities for young people, especially graduates and university students to contribute and learn from the communities. “Our youth volunteers have been working in the communities for several months already, but they still lack of working skill and social work skil. So they need this learning and sharing forum among themselves”, explained Pen Somony, 27 year-old, programme coordinator from CVS.

After those young volunteers have presented and shared their lesson learnt experiences to their volunteer organisation and other volunteers, a two-day training on Community Organising (CO) process and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) techniques have given to them before heading for the field study trip in the Mekong community villages of Kratie province, northeast of Cambodia.

CO process is a practical process of working in the community and it guides you from the very first step of staff introduction and orientation to the last step of monitoring and evaluation. Meanwhile, PRA techniques has come along as useful study tools for them to understand the community in different contexts, which consists of data gathering, social mapping, seasonal calendar and transect walk for instance.

Participants of field study trip are divided into 2 study groups. One goes to Ksach Lev village and the other goes to Koh Kchnare village. Both villages are located on the Mekong riverside of Sambo district, which is the neighboring area of the proposed location of the hydropower is. The people of these two Mekong communities mainly rely on the natural resources; fishery and forestry. Education and health are still in the poor situation due to the distant location of the village.

Through the day light, volunteers from each group worked on their assignments; the physical and history data of the village, the relationship in community, the cultivating production, culture, spiritual believes , and the community situation. And the end of the day, each group presented what they have learned from their assignment to the whole group.

Sopheak, one of the CVS young volunteers happily reviewed that she have learned how the social mapping is useful to her ‘community work’, from theory to practice, this study trip brings her to the real situation. ‘Since I’ve been in the community for already three months, I was there with few instruments for community development and I don’t know how to use it effectively like this,’ She is excited to apply those tools when she goes back to her host village next time.

Nearly the end of the study trip, all of young volunteers, children and villagers together and helped fix the road in the community by digging and carrying the soil and the small stones to repair the dirt road. All people in the village were happy for our voluntary project.

‘I hope all people in Cambodian communities have a real heart for their community, they don’t think about only themselves, they must think for today, tomorrow and for the future, in peaceful, beautiful environment.” Added Thol in the end of study journey.

As it is believed that the youth volunteers are potential social activists working in communities. “In the long-term goal, we hope that their capacity of working in social development and volunteer spirit will be more and more built up and they will collaborate among their volunteer networks and also encourage other Cambodian young people to work for community and civil society in Cambodia.”, added a 27-year-old Sambath Bun, a programme coordinator from YRDP.

Children, Family and Radio

Thai Youth Community Radio Program Helps Build up Their Warm Family

By Jaruwan Supolrai

In Thailand now, local radio programs are mushrooming in every corner of this Land of Smiles. Thai youth are getting involved in this sort of project and they produce many interesting programs. Family is an interesting issue that they are currently working on. Do you ever think that this activity can help build up a warm family in their community? If yes, how? This article has the answer for you!

Every Saturday afternoon, a youth group in a small community of Tha Sao in Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province, western Thailand, run a radio program about the warm family through their local community radio station. This activity is supported by the Human Mapping Project of the Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University in Nakorn Prathom.

“I am proud to be a part of this program to help bring happiness and warmth to the families in my community”, said 14-year-old Kru ‘Niko’ Ranad, one of budding little DJs who works on this warm family program. Each person in a team is given different jobs like search for news or information and interview people, but they work together as a final product.

“It is very great for me to hear the feedbacks from my friends, family and people in my community and it is a sign that they are being aware of a warm family issue and they want to have a warm family”, Niko added with smiles.

Most of the information that they talk on the radio program is basically about the ways to a warm family, which are concerned with food security, nutrition, sanitary or even suggestions about travel places that the family can go for a holiday or local wisdom knowledge that should be maintained.

Another Little DJ Lai “Lai” Wanthong, 17 years old who used to dream of becoming a DJ said that,” I was very excited and nervous when I first was on air and another exciting activity is to go out to interview the ‘model warm family’. Being a part in this radio program is very challenging for me, it taught me how to manage my time between school and my work and I feel that I am more responsible.“

“Our main objective of the project is to promote the happiness and strengthen the relationship of the family. By that objective, we believe the youth will be the best target group to link with the family. The children and youth will also be the future of the families and communities”, explained, 59-year-old Ajaan Suvannee Promchan, a project investigator who works at the Field Research Station of Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University in Ubon Ratchathani.

Before the little DJ team had a chance to work on their radio program, the research project team organized a training workshop for them to lead them the way to work as a DJ. The workshop provided them with how to write news, how to search for news, how to make a adverting spot and as well as how to write a radio feature story.

The result of this activity turned out quite great! The children enjoy working on their radio program and the parents also help them to search for news and interesting issues to talk through the radio program or even teachers and friends at school also are kind enough providing them with their useful information for their work.

And more importantly those people always encourage the little DJs to work hard and follow up with the program. This shows that the project can be a part of helping building up a warm family to people in their community.

It is good that the youth group enjoy working on the radio program to promote the warm family’s campaign in the community. It is also beneficial that the children have had chances to improve their public speaking potentials before these little hands will be moving to the real world of work.

That is a story of a group of ‘young people’ who are filled high energy to work on the radio in order to strengthen the relationship of people in their community. On the other hand, they are just a small group who might not be able to make a big change, but it is believed that these young little hearts are filled with hopes and dreams to make a big difference in the future.